Private Wealth Management

It is difficult in this complex world we live in to know where turn for financial help.

Thank you for visiting our website. Our clients have transformed their private wealth through our wealth management strategies, and we are here to offer you the same opportunity. Past clients have enriched our network through valuable referrals of family, friends, and associates. We are grateful and humbled by these referrals, and we take our responsibility seriously.

We believe that everybody ought to be taught the truth about wealth, and how math is not understood correctly can decimate wealth. We believe people should be in control of their wealth not the Government or financial institutions. We act in the capacity of a business coach helping clients identify tens of thousands of dollars in fees, taxes, and expenses that they didn’t even realize they were losing. Our average client is recovering $30-$50,000 a year in wealth they were giving away simply because they didn’t understand how wealth really works. By working with our firm we are able to bring that money back to the client so they can use it immediately.

Your Wealth Management Experts
Prosperity Economics Group


Financial Strategist

The work we do at Prosperity Economics Group helps each client know that their dollars are working as hard as possible, enabling them to approach life with a prosperous mindset

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Financial Strategist

With years of experience as a Rich Dad coach and using the Infinite Banking concept, I teach people and businesses how to transform their wealth with the money they are already spending.

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By creating and using your own banking system, you can make purchases while simultaneously recapturing thousands of dollars in interest that you otherwise lose to financial institutions

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seven principles of prosperity


Prosperity is both a state of being and a state of mind. People that maintain their prosperity thinking (even in times of struggle) find their monetary prosperity grows as does their spiritual prosperity. Your prosperity then accelerates in direct relationship to the value that you provide to others (Human Life Value).

Big Picture

Macroeconomic thinking, where understanding how one financial decision affects all the others, is one of the most powerful approaches to prosperity. Avoid micro-economic "tunnel vision."


Awareness and measurement of opportunity costs enables their recovery. Ignore them at your peril.

cash flow

The true measure of prosperity is cash flow, not net worth alone.


Maintain control of your money, rather than giving control away to others.


The velocity of money is the movement of dollars through assets. Movement accelerates prosperity. Accumulation slows it down.


Prosperity comes readily when your money "multiplies"; meaning that one dollar does many jobs. Your money is disabled when each dollar performs only one or two jobs. Maximum economic output is the result of having both velocity and the multiplier.

The word prosperity refers not only to material wealth, but also to spiritual wealth, emotional wealth and all types or prosperity.