Banking - Are you losing?

Prosperity Economics Group specializes in helping families and small businesses implement a process that will eliminate wealth transfers to banks and other institutions in the form of taxes, interest, fees, penalties, and other expenses.

For example, as a business owner, we love the idea that most of your money is tied up in your business where it should be. Because I’m sure if we were to give you $5000 you could tell us exactly what that would do for your bottom line. And we know that’s important to you.

Our strategies would amplify that for you. Think about it - What would it be worth to have hundreds of thousands of dollars of collateral capacity that you could get to with no penalty, no taxes, and no fees? We can show you if you'll let us fund your “stuff” it’s better than if you fund it on your own. If we could show you how to fund some of your “stuff”, such as inventory, physical plant, equipment, etc., so that you could get a tax-free tax deduction; is that a conversation you would like to have?

  • The Infinite Banking Concept allows you to recapture the interest you're currently losing to financial institutions.

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