How We Help You

It’s not the rate of return you get. It’s learning how money works that matters.

If you are like most people, you may have questions such as these when it comes to your financial situation:

  • Am I doing the right things with my money?
  • Is what I’m doing with my money really working?
  • Is my family’s future secure?
  • How can I improve my lifestyle today and still provide a secure future?
  • How can I create more financial certainty in my life?
  • What is the true cost and effect of mistakes made today?

Remember this: It’s not the rate of return you earn on your money that really matters. It’s learning how your money works.
Prosperity Economics Group will educate you on the critical components of every financial decision: cost of capital, access to your capital, growth opportunities, etc. We can also help you gain valuable insights into how to avoid strategies that hinder your ability to reach your maximum financial potential.
A common mistake: Are you asking yourself the right questions?
Most people make the mistake of first asking, “What product should I invest my money in?” or “Where should I put my money?” Rather, we would suggest you ask, “How should I save and invest my money?” This question acknowledges that the answer to building and protecting wealth does not lie in the specific financial products you buy but in how you use various financial tools in combination with each other.

Consider your car: It’s not important what you buy but how you buy it.
Buying a car is likely a necessity in your life. You may not realize it, but how you handle this purchase and expense can play a critical role in your financial future. So what’s the answer? As surprising as it sounds, the answer isn’t found in what you buy but how you buy it.

Prosperity Economics Group will show you the significant impact of financing all purchases using your own family banking system. With this system, you will actually pay yourself back at interest instead of the bank. Recapturing the interest most people pay to financial institutions can equal millions of dollars over a person’s lifetime. Learning the “Art of Purchasing Your Own Debt” and converting your liabilities into assets can be powerful ways to gain control of your finances today and create wealth for your future.