Becoming Your Own Banker

R. Nelson Nash

Finally! A book that tells the truth about Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance. Exercise your imagination with this major paradigm shift. Reading the book just one time won’t do the job. There have been many people who have had a glimpse of what this book is all about, but none, to my knowledge, has put together a comprehensive rationale such as you will see here. Read it with an open mind and you will discover an exciting new financial world!


How Privatized Banking Really Works

L. Carlos Lara and Robert Murphy, PhD

What if there was a solution to government intervention and our current money madness? Would you hesitate one minute in wanting to know what it is? Of course not! No one would. The problem is so pervasive that a solution seems impossible and yet, there is a solution. This solution’s only requirement is the action of a single person acting in a manner to help only himself, but in so acting ultimately he helps all of society.


Confessions of a CPA

Bryan S. Bloom, CPA

If what you thought to be true turned out not to be, when would you want to know? Obviously right away! This book is a compilation of eight commonly held financial “truths” that are generally accepted as hallmarks of a sound financial plan. What if they aren’t true? What impact does relying on something that isn’t true have on your financial future?


A Path to Financial Peace of Mind

Dwayne Burnell, MBA

IIn A Path to Financial Peace of Mind, financial educator and personal financial coach, Dwayne Burnell, MBA challenges the status quo by questioning the common financial messages we hear everyday. He shares a tried and true financial strategy for managing and building long lasting wealth that’s been widely overlooked by conventional media.

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The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), one of the oldest free-market organizations in the United States, was founded in 1946 by Leonard E. Read to study and advance the freedom philosophy. FEE’s mission is to offer the most consistent case for the “first principles” of freedom: the sanctity of private property, individual liberty, the rule of law, the free market, and the moral superiority of individual choice and responsibility over coercion.
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  • “[Becoming Your Own Banker] impressed me most favorably. I found it highly informative and stimulating. I recommend it be read by every owner of life insurance.”

    Coy Eklund, Retired Chairman and CEO, Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States

  • “In the times of economic uncertainty, stock and bond markets volatility, and unpredictable macroeconomic policies, R. Nelson Nash’s book provides us with an excellent blueprint for taking charge of our personal well-being.”

    Yuri Maltsev, PhD—Professor of Economics, Carthage College