Confessions of a CPA

Bryan S. Bloom, CPA

If what you thought to be true turned out not to be, when would you want to know? Obviously right away! This book is a compilation of eight commonly held financial “truths” that are generally accepted as hallmarks of a sound financial plan. What if they aren’t true? What impact does relying on something that isn’t true have on your financial future?


Do you want to be debt free, or do you want more money?

Mathew Love

We are brainwashed into believing we have to pay off all our loans before we can become successful, but why? Who is teaching this? Big banks and financial institutions teach us to be debt free before saving for ourselves, and their agenda is very clear; get all of our money into their institutions as fast as they can. If you want a better retirement, learn how to utilize debt so your income is increased! Did you know debt is tax free money?