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Ron Weeks

Mission statement: To educate and guide clients toward their maximum wealth.

Ron learned a few lessons growing up in a small farming town that would have a significant impact on the rest of his life: the value of hard work, the power of a “never give up” attitude, the importance of being the kind of person others can count on to get the job done, and how to serve others.

These lessons from his youth served him well early in his career. At age 24, following his graduation from Utah State University, Ron transacted his first real estate development deal. He and two partners bought a 24-unit property and then built an additional 20 units. It was a successful venture, and one of his partners still owns that property today, nearly 30 years later.

That deal began a 15-year career in real estate development in which Ron honed his knowledge of how to leverage money to make more money. He loved that process so much that he later created his own company, Prosperity Economics Group, so he could help others to grow their net worth. As an entrepreneur, Ron can personally relate to the ambitions of small business owners, as he guides his clients through the process of growing their assets to create the life of their dreams.

As he ventured into the financial services industry in 1983, Ron began to see that traditional financial planning wasn’t working for everyone. He realized that he needed to help his clients understand the question, “If what you thought to be true about money turned out not to be true, when would you want to know?”

A factor critical to Ron’s success is communicating with clients in ways that make it easy for them to understand complex money issues that most of them face today. Very quickly his clients realize that dealing with money is not only about specific financial products or the rate of return they can earn on their investments; it’s about tapping into wealth acceleration strategies that keep them in ultimate control of their money and success. This understanding, coupled with Ron’s unwavering commitment to the welfare of his clients, leads his clients to achieve their maximum wealth potential.

A cornerstone of Ron’s philosophy on financial planning is teaching his clients how to start their own banking systems. The premise behind a personal banking system is that you can make purchases while simultaneously recapturing the equivalent of thousands of dollars in interest that you would otherwise lose to financial institutions.

Ron lives in Mapleton, Utah, with his wife Louise. He has four children. In his free time with his family, Ron enjoys traveling, snowmobiling, hunting, and competing in field trials with his German Shorthair Pointer dogs.


Brad Bennett

Mission statement: To educate and guide clients toward their maximum wealth.

Prior to joining Prosperity Economics Group,  Brad had the privilege of working for Robert Kiyosaki as a Rich Dad coach for over 6 years. During that time, Brad had the opportunity to warn those he worked with of what was happening in the economy, how to prepare, and how to take advantage of the opportunities that were created. Through basic fundamental principles, he helped clients learn, understand and build their teams to acquire investment real estate. He also helped clients who were self employed by stepping back and looking at their situation, by helping them realize what had happened to their vision and what went wrong when they started their business. Through new planning, systematizing the organization as a whole and taking small steps toward the implementation of their new business, they began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some of these business owners came to him with the intention of selling their business in order to gain more freedom. After meeting with Brad, they ended up keeping their business. They now had control of their company and had attained the freedom and profitability they were seeking. One of his clients had this to say… “We have tried for six years to do what you have helped us achieve in four months. We pray every night that we will be able to keep up with our team and all of the new growth.”

Several years ago Brad was introduced to Infinite Banking Concept and immediately saw the benefits in his personal life. Through further study and understanding of the banking concept he found that it also helps investors and business owners. The knowledge he learned from Ron about the Infinite Banking Concept helped him understand more fully financial principles taught in Rich Dad’s “Choose to Be Rich” coaching program. One of the principles discussed in that program is how to use the Infinite Banking Concept. Specifically who has control over your money, you or another financial institution? Depending upon who is in control depends on who receives the benefit. After 6 years, Brad chose to join Prosperity Economics Group to help people understand a basic and important financial principle that has long been misunderstood.

Brad has a talent for helping his clients feel at ease when talking about financial strategies. Whether he is working with the savvy business owner or the teenager who is just starting on their financial journey, Brad knows how to tailor each presentation for the individual he is working with. He is an advocate for his clients and truly wants them to achieve financial prosperity.


Jessica Black

Mission statement: To support clients in pursuit of their dreams.

Growing up in a small town in rural Utah, Jessica’s life revolved around her parents, three siblings, and an extended family filled with cousins, aunts, uncles, and most important of all, her Grandma. It was from her Grandmother that Jessica learned the importance of family.

In high school and college, Jessica welcomed everyone into her “extended family.” She did not “hang” with just one group of kids; she was an “equal opportunity” embracer of life and people. Throughout her long career as an administrative assistant for the local school district, people learned that they could count on Jessica to be there for them and to get things done.

Given Jessica’s extensive customer service background and her lifelong experiences with a closely knit family, it’s no wonder that Jessica jumped at the chance to become a part of the PEG family to help others achieve their financial dreams. And now her clients have become part of her family network as well.

As a Prosperity Pathway™ Coordinator, Jessica takes her job and responsibilities personally and offers financial assistance to her clients as she would to her own kin. Her clients’ success is Jessica’s success. And at PEG, success runs in the family.


Brennan Todd

Mission statement: To assist my clients as they make extreme paradigm shifts away from the trappings of traditional financial planning toward a paradigm of control, personal fulfillment, and accountability.

Brennan Todd is an entrepreneur through and through. He started his first company, a plumbing business, when he was 22. He enjoyed the everyday challenges associated with a service-oriented business and learned valuable communication and organizational skills that continue to serve him today.

Being the owner/operator of a service company, he learned—almost by default—some very profound but simple business principles such as: going the extra mile, creating value first and worrying about compensation second, and the importance of having control and liquidity over your capital.

In 2006 Brennan came across the strategy of Personal Banking. It was an “AH HA!” moment. As he began to implement the strategies in his own life and business he started to have an overwhelming desire to share the concepts with others, which ultimately led him to find Ron Weeks and seek out a working relationship.

Brennan is extremely passionate about helping others. He is constantly striving to better assist his clients as they make extreme paradigm shifts away from the trappings of traditional financial planning toward a paradigm of control, personal fulfillment, and accountability.

Brennan resides in Mapleton, Utah with his wife and three children. He enjoys traveling with his wife, playing with his kids, sports, reading, and gardening.



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    “I enjoy helping clients understand how their resources can be arranged for maximum productivity, beyond the limitations of ‘mainstream’ thinking. By creating and using your own banking system, you can make purchases while simultaneously recapturing the equivalent of thousands of dollars in interest that you would otherwise lose to financial institutions.”

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    “As a prior Rich Dad coach, I have always enjoyed making simple what Wall Street has purposefully made complicated. Through Infinite Banking Concepts, I strive to enable my clients to see beyond traditional financial planning helping them to create and use a more complete financial plan.”

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    “My mission is to support every client as they pursue their dreams. And, I will be there every step of the way to help you, just as my Grandma was there to support me.”

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    “At Prosperity Economics Group, I see myself as an ‘insurance advocate’ for our clients. I enjoy helping them find the right insurance company, qualify for the right rates, and for the right policy that they can then use as a strategic financial tool.”